The pandemic does not stop the right to abortion: how anti-rights groups are capitalizing on their discourse

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EN: The project’s objective was to develop a toolkit on how to respond to anti-rights groups during COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean, which have persisted in their actions within the context of a pandemic aimed at restricting the right to abortion.

ES: El objetivo del proyecto fue desarrollar un Kit de herramientas sobre cómo responder a los grupos anti-derechos durante la COVID-19 en América Latina y el Caribe, los cuales han persistido en sus acciones en el contexto de una pandemia dirigida a restringir el derecho al aborto.


Introduction to toolkit (Spanish):

Review of documents on opposition groups in LAC: the team of researchers prepared a Conceptual Framework Document, where they survey the investigations that have been promoted from La Mala Fe, Eye on the Rights and Ojo Público, as well as the information disseminated by the Sexual Policy Observatory and the monitoring of the websites, social media pages of anti-rights groups, in order to identify and process the publications on the subject matter and related topics.

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Ações nacionais na América Latina (Português).

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Latin American Consortium Against Unsafe Abortion (CLACAI)

EN: It is an organization made up of activists, researchers, health service providers and professionals that contributes to the reduction of unsafe abortion in Latin America. Promotes access to information and modern and safe technologies within the framework of full respect for sexual and reproductive rights, from a gender and equity perspective.

ES: Es una articulación integrada por activistas, investigadores/as, proveedores/as de servicios de salud y profesionales que contribuye a la disminución del aborto inseguro en Latinoamérica. Promueve el acceso a la información y a tecnologías modernas y seguras en el marco del pleno respeto a los derechos sexuales y reproductivos, desde una perspectiva de género y equidad.