About Our Grants

Knowledge Activation Grants

Since 2014, Share-Net International has awarded over 100 grants to their members. This platform provides access to all Knowledge Products (KPs) generated by the Knowledge Activation grantmaking cycles and other Share-Net International grants, to maximise access, exchange, learning, application, and use of knowledge among Share-Net members and the SRHR community.

The grants, previously named ‘small grants’ or ‘research grants’, provide funding for applied research, documentation of practices, and knowledge products to improve policy and practice in sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR). They further enhance the work of Share-Net International members and facilitate the development of SRHR knowledge products that are often difficult to get funded.

With every process at Share-Net International, its grantmaking – that is, making grants – is also participatory. As in previous grantmaking cycles, Share-Net International involves their members and hubs in the selection process of the grants. This process was reviewed and changed to what is known as to as “Participatory Grantmaking” (PGM) in 2022, to highlight participation as a critical element of making grants. The Share-Net International members and hubs can contribute to and make grant decisions, aligning with the network’s collaboration and Southern leadership principles.

Share-Net International currently offers three types of grants: Knowledge Collaboration, Knowledge Translation, and Knowledge Generation grants. A description of the characteristics of each type of grant can be found on the Share-Net International grant page and helps improve the understanding of their purpose, amounts, and expected outcomes.

Co-Creation Conference (CCC) Grants

Over the past few years, Share-Net International has been placing greater focus on the translation of knowledge and the use of these products within the knowledge-management cycle. The Co-Creation Conference is one of the key knowledge translation strategies piloted for this purpose. The CCC is a working conference that is co-organised by Share-Net International and one of the Share-Net country hubs. During the Share-Net International Co-Creation Conference, concrete knowledge products are co-developed to influence SRHR policy and practice at the country and international level. All participants, including researchers, practitioners, young people and policymakers, engage in dialogues and are part of the co-creation process for these knowledge products.

COVID-19 Grants in 2020

In order to respond to the demand for knowledge on the impact of COVID-19 on SRHR and Gender Equality, SNI reallocated funds and issued a special grants call which aimed to generate knowledge on the impact of COVID-19 on SRHR and Gender Equality. In total, seven grants were funded which looked at the impact of COVID-19 in seven different countries: the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Iran, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and Cameroon. The grants were on topics such as SRH services in fragile settings, access to contraception and abortion services, menstrual health management, GBV and the COVID-19 experiences of transgender and Hijra people.