From research to practice: the value of five years of maternal health research collaboration in Ghana

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This project aimed to illustrate the value of research and research capacity building to improve maternal health in Ghana and to share and build support for the value of maternal health research in Ghana and the Netherlands. To achieve these objectives, two knowledge products were produced. The first is a booklet called CARRYCARE: Impressions of Maternal Health Care and Research in Ghana (download below). This booklet is a book of hope, love and inspiration for people involved in maternal and neonatal healthcare and research in Ghana. It was developed in a collaboration between the University Medical Center Utrecht (the Netherlands), the University of Ghana, and Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

As a part of this project, there was also a symposium held on the topic Future of Maternal Health Research the report of this symposium (the second knowledge product) is available to download below.

Knowledge product details

  • Small Grants

  • 2017

  • Ghana

  • Maternal health

  • Neonatal health

  • Share-Net Netherlands

  • English

  • Booklet

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CARRYCARE: Impressions of Maternal Health  Care and Research in Ghana – Booklet

Report on ‘Future of Maternal Health Research Symposium’

KP creators involved

The Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht – Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care 

The Global Health activities of UMC Utrecht aim to promote health and health equity worldwide.

They do this through research and education on six themes:

– Cardiovascular disease

-Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatrics

-Infectious Diseases


-Ethics and Justice in Global Health Research

-Planetary health and exposome research

The research and education of UMC Utrecht Global Health takes place worldwide with projects in:

-sub-Saharan Africa, including Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda

-South America and the Caribbean, including Suriname, Netherlands Antilles, Argentina

-Asia, including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia

In all projects they work with local partners. Research capacity strengthening is an important pillar to this work.