Primíparas; Sexuality Education with a Pleasure Approach

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In September and October 2023 thanks to funding from Share-Net, we published the audiovisual format “Primíparas”, to contribute to sexuality education. This product was designed for young people and teenagers. Through four video podcast chapters and complementary social media contents, we answered the questions we frequently ask ourselves during our first stage of sexual exploration. Many times, schools or families are not able to speak sincerely and clearly about the issue. The intention was to contribute to sexual education for pleasure and not guilt. 

During the filming and editing stages of the project we were able to realize our own lack of knowledge about sexuality and had to face the fact that younger generations should not grow without a sexual education that truly speaks to them with facts and not stigma. On the other hand, once the content was published, we receive positive reviews not only from our target audience but also from families that said that now they have material to begin a conversation. For us that meant we did our job right because talking about sexuality with an intersectional point of view is a must. We learned that people feel appealed to the topic when it is presented in a clear and simple language, and that as journalist we can continue working on this perspective. 

In each episode, lasting a maximum of 20 minutes, we answered questions about sexuality at an early age, we spoke between a journalist and an expert on the subject, and we spoke in simple language. The chapters are available on YouTube, arc, TikTok and Instagram. In addition, these were published on all El Espectador social media accounts. 

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Chapter 1: What you should know about the first time you are going to have sex 

Publication date: September 20, 2023 

There are many myths and prejudices around the first time. We should not start our sexual life with fear. For this reason, in the first episode of Primiparas, we speak with Angélica Barrera, a master in sexual health, who explains that virginity does not exist and gives us a series of recommendations to feel pleasure and not pain in that first encounter. 

Chapter 2: Sex between women and the myth of penetration 

Publication date: September 27, 2023 

We grew up with the idea that sex is only “real” if it has penetration, but in reality it is not always necessary. In this episode of Primiparas, Dr. Nereyda Lacera explains to us that the clitoris is considered the epicenter of sexual pleasure and that is why women with diverse sexual orientations and people with a vulva have many more options to explore and enjoy their sexuality. 

Chapter 3: The chemistry of desire and sexual pleasure 

Publication date: October 4, 2023 

We cannot talk about sexual education if pleasure is left aside. In this episode of Primiparas, sexologist Erika Pinzón explains the importance of understanding sexuality as the union of physical and emotional reactions. In addition, she clarifies whether the famous “G Spot” really exists. 

Chapter 4: Information about condoms 

Publication date: October 11, 2023 

Condoms are the only contraceptive method that protects against sexually transmitted infections. In addition, these are between 85% and 95% effective in preventing an unwanted pregnancy. Alexandra Sánchez, national youth analyst at Profamilia, teaches us in this episode of Primiparas the correct way to put on a condom and how to create a latex barrier. 

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