Willingness to Pay for Male and Female Condoms Among Urban Kenyans

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This study aimed to generate evidence on the potential market in the commercial sector by exploring the ability and willingness to pay among condom users in urban Kenya. This research informs future condom pricing strategies based on population income quintiles. Based on the relevance and applicability of this study, it can be replicated in other settings and countries. The results of the study will be crucial in determining relevant strategies for expanding access to condoms across all sectors.

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  • Small Grants

  • 2016

  • Kenya

  • Contraception

  • Share-Net International

  • Research Report

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This document is a result of a study on willingness to pay for male and female condoms in Kenya conducted by i+solutions, Netherlands and Muthaa Community Development Foundation, Kenya to inform the development of strategies for enhanced private sector engagement in condom supply and distribution.

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