El Espectador

El Espectador (“The Spectator”) is a newspaper of national circulation within Colombia, founded by Fidel Cano Gutiérrez on March 22, 1887, in Medellín and published since 1915 in Bogotá. It transition from a daily to a weekly edition in 2001, following a financial crisis, and again with a daily released since May 11, 2008, a comeback which had been long rumoured. It is the oldest newspaper in Colombia. Since its first issue its motto has been “El Espectador will work for the good of the country with liberal criteria and for the good of the liberal principles with patriotic criteria”. It defined itself as a “political, literary, news and industrial newspaper”. Years later it became a daily and in 2001 became a weekly. Since then, the paper uses the slogan “El Espectador. Opinion is news”, implying it now focuses in opinion articles, not in breaking news.

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  • Colombia