Addressing Sexual Harassment Among Students in Jordanian Universities: A Call for Comprehensive Policies

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The universities are committed to equal opportunity in education and employment. Consistent with this commitment, it is the policy of these universities not to tolerate any sexual misconduct and to provide those who feel they are victims of sexual harassment with adequate mechanisms to address it. Sexual harassment, its criteria, and its types are defined in this brief. This policy brief aims to outline key findings from a recent study and propose actionable policy recommendations to create a safer and more supportive university environment the study, was conducted among 1048 university students. The study found approximately 40% reported being victims of harassment at least once in their lifetime. Verbal harassment emerged as the most prevalent form, affecting almost 30% of students. The high occurrence of verbal and nonverbal harassment, particularly through social media, highlights the evolving nature of harassment and the need for comprehensive prevention strategies.

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Policy brief: Addressing Sexual Harassment Among Students in Jordanian Universities: A Call for Comprehensive Policies

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