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For this project, Umunthu Plus and Umunthu FM produced a translated and simplified policy document in the local language (Chichewa) developed to match the literacy levels of the targeted young people population. The knowledge products (available for download below in English and Chichewa) have been shared with all youth clubs and groups in communities, secondary schools, primary schools, and community booths. After distributing the products to young people, monitoring and feedback sessions were conducted to assess how well the youth understood the content and to what extent they comprehended it.

As part of this project, a weekly radio magazine program titled ‘Youth Take Action’ was introduced. The program featured youth and other experts discussing issues related to the project and those that arose because of it. Through these radio programs, young people could call in and provide feedback on how the knowledge products influenced their understanding and to what extent they were able to implement the policies by demanding services they were entitled to.

Umunthu Plus also organized a quiz, which was aired on Umunthu FM under the topic of ‘Our Policies in SRHR.’ The quiz attracted 2500 listeners who participated through text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, and phone calls.

Knowledge product details

  • Knowledge Activation Grants

  • 2021

  • Malawi

  • SRHR access

  • Women and girls

  • Youth SRHR

  • Share-Net International

  • Chichewa

  • English

  • Policy Brief

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(English) This publication is a compilation of key laws and policies that protect and promote access to sexual reproductive health rights for adolescent girls in Malawi. It has been developed from a background of continued poor access to SRHR by adolescent girls in Malawi that has been catalyzed by poor limited or lack of access to information on legal frameworks that protect and promote the SRHR services. SRHR policy framework to attain the highest level of sustained comprehensive and integrated SRHR services to improve quality of life for all.

(Chichewa) Msindikizo uwu watolera, kufupikitsa ndi kuika pamodzi nfundo zofunikira za mumalamulo, ndondomeko zovomerezeka ndi boma zomwe zimathandiza kuti achinyamata atetezedwe komanso athe kupeza zithandizo zoyenera ndi zokwanira pa nkhani ya ubereki ndinso yogonana. Ntchitoyi yapangidwa poganizira kuti achinyamata ambiri amavutika kupeza mauthenga ofunikira okhudza zithandizo za ubereki ndi zogonana. Ndondomeko zokhakitsidwa ndi boma pounikira zithandizo za ubereki komanso nkhani zogonana zinakhazikitsidwa pofuna kunotsetsetsa kuti pali zithandizo zoyenera komanso zokwanira kuti zithandizire kuti moyo wa aliyense udzikhala wabwino.

KP creators involved

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