University of Jordan

The University of Jordan (UJ) was founded in 1962 and has grown to become Jordan’s largest university. In fact, it is the first university in Jordan, established in the capital city of Amman by a Royal Decree in 1962. It has evolved into a comprehensive university with a second branch in the port city of Aqaba. UJ’s mission is not only high academic excellence, but also applying the principles of quality management and the latest technologies in its programmes and strategies

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Grants University of Jordan has worked on

Experiences and Perceptions of mid adolescents, parents and teachers on comprehensive sexuality education: A multiple country-based qualitative research study

  • Co-Creation Conference Grants

The purpose of this study is to explore the experiences, perceptions, and accessibility of knowledge among mid-adolescents aged between 14 to 17, parents, and teachers aged between 28 to 52 regarding school-based comprehensive sexuality education. The study aims to disseminate the data through a policy brief with infographic data for further advocacy, with the goal of ensuring universal access to sexuality education and promoting a better understanding of sexuality education by November 2021.

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SRHR eHealth

  • Covid-19 Grants

  • Small Grants

This study worked to investigate easy and safe access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Jordan during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Development of outcome indicators to assess the impact of integrating youth sexual reproductive health information programs into higher education curriculum in Jordan

  • Small Grants

The aim of this project was to create a new programme to integrate sexual reproductive health with other efforts to improve education and information for health promotion in the curriculum.

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Addressing Sexual Harassment Among Students in Jordanian Universities: A Call for Comprehensive Policies

  • Knowledge Activation Grants

This policy brief presents key findings from the research, and offers a set of recommendations tailored for university administrations. It provides actionable insights into addressing sexual harassment on campus, emphasizing the importance of implementing effective policies and support mechanisms.

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