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What is a Knowledge Product?

Knowledge Products (KPs) are usable resources created through research and various modes of inquiry. KPs generate actionable knowledge (or knowledge for action) crafted for singular or multiple purposes and are often created in response to the needs of the people or communities interacting with them. KPs can be publications, documents, infographics, policy reports, guidelines, podcasts, videos, and any other materials or forms of information.

Scroll through this library to find KPs published by Share-Net International members since 2014, through to our most recent grant cycle. From policy briefs and research reports to card games, comics and more, you will find a wide array of free-to-download SRHR resources on this page!


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A Study on the Status Quo of Reproductive Health Programs in Relation to Persons with Disabilities

  • Small Grants


  • Jordan

The aims of the study are to identify the reproductive health programs in Jordan that address PWDs needs; to raise awareness and combat stereotypes, prejudices and harmful practices relating to persons with disabilities, including those based on sex and age, in all areas of life; and to measure the level of awareness among PWDs and their families in their right to access reproductive health programs in Jordan that address their needs on an equal basis.

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Introduce and Promote Disability-Inclusive Accessible SRHR for All

  • Small Grants


  • Bangladesh

This project in aimed to ensure inclusive sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) for people with disabilities, especially women. It tackled barriers to implementing Disability Inclusive Gender Policy through advocacy, social media campaigns, and the creation of the "Gateway to SRHR" platform. Additionally, YSPA developed a guideline for Disability-Inclusive Accessible SRHR, providing crucial information to empower individuals with disabilities and combat discrimination.

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Disability and Inclusion Checklist for Accessibility to SRHR services for people with Disabilities

  • Co-Creation Conference Grants


  • Burundi

The goal of this checklist is to provide SRHR-focused organizations with an overview of what needs to be accomplished and integrated into their programming to ensure it is accessible and meaningfully inclusive of adolescents and youth with disabilities.

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