Disability and Inclusion Checklist for Accessibility to SRHR services for people with Disabilities

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The purpose of this checklist is to support front-line healthcare providers, program managers, and public health policymakers in any country to better address the SRHR of persons with disabilities. Acknowledging that the disability-centered approach of this checklist will require multi-sectoral engagement, the checklist will also be useful for international and national-level program managers and policymakers from other sectors, who can be partners in delivering interventions that support an all-inclusive approach to SRHR. Services and programs in low-resource settings will benefit most from the guidance presented here, as they face the greatest challenges in identifying, designing, and providing services tailored to persons with disabilities in all their diversity.



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  • Co-Creation Conference Grants

  • 2021

  • Burundi

  • Disability

  • Inclusion

  • Youth SRHR

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This checklist is relevant for all settings, regardless of the physical, social, or economic context, and should therefore be considered as generic guidance for all. During implementation, service providers and policymakers can slightly adapt them according to the geographical context, taking into account the relevant policies and resources, socio-economic conditions, and existing health services and facilities. The checklist/framework proposed here is expected to help bring together additional considerations for defining an enabling environment, including interrelated, multi-level factors that affect the capacity of persons with disabilities to access relevant and necessary sexual and reproductive health services, information, and products. These factors are key to shaping their sexual and reproductive health outcomes, as well as other aspects of their health and well-being.

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