The Positive Effect of Father’s Involvement During Maternity Care for His Wife

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This project aimed to create a platform dedicated to involving and educating fathers in supporting both mothers and fetuses, an essential aspect of maternal care in Jordan. It sought to address the existing gap in knowledge regarding the significance of fathers’ involvement in aiding pregnant partners. This initiative aimed to raise awareness about the advantages of including fathers and to prompt shifts in clinical practices and behaviours, ultimately enhancing the health and well-being outcomes for both mothers and fetuses. A team comprising three Jordanian professionals was established to lead the research and execute the project.

The resulting knowledge product for this project includes a pamphlet (both in English and Arabic) on the role of a husband during the pregnancy period, as well as a report on this overall project and process (all available below).


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  • Small Grants

  • 2017

  • Jordan

  • Maternal health

  • Men and boys

  • Relationships

  • Share-Net Jordan

  • Arabic

  • English

  • Pamphlet

  • Report

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Pamphlet: The role of the husband during pregnancy period (English)

كتيب: دور الزوج أثناء فترة الحمل (عربي)

Final report on the project “The positive effect of father’s involvement during maternity care for his wife”

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