Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice: a Participatory Process to Translate Research into Action

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This project aimed to customize its findings to suit the specific requirements of various groups: the alliance partners, country partners, and policymakers. This tailoring is crucial to effectively promote changes in policies and practices. By conducting an in-depth analysis of country case studies, the project aimed to extract valuable outcomes that could be transformed into actionable plans. These plans, in turn, would serve as valuable resources for each target audience, fostering enhanced collaboration and empowering evidence-based advocacy efforts. The ultimate goal was to bridge the gap between research insights and tangible tools that could instigate positive changes in policies and practices. This project resulted in two knowledge products (available for download below): a toolkit on effective collaboration in partnerships for health and human rights and a scientific article outlining the lessons learned and results of this research.

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  • Small Grants

  • 2017

  • Netherlands

  • Advocacy

  • Share-Net Netherlands

  • English

  • Scientific Article

  • Toolkit

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This toolkit is a collection of exercises to establish, foster and improve collaborations in partnerships for health and human rights. The exercises are all based on existing tools and are tested and adapted based on experiences within Bridging the Gaps.

This paper examines how different groups facing HIV-related challenges, like stigma, benefit from collaborating. It focuses on over 100 NGOs in 16 countries supporting LGBTQ+ people, sex workers, and drug users. They found that collaboration brought funding and addressed human rights issues but faced challenges like identity politics and stigma. Overcoming these hurdles requires trust-building and valuing differences among marginalized groups.

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Aidsfonds is an NGO working towards the end of AIDS in a world where all people affected by HIV/AIDS have access to prevention, treatment, care and support. For many years, Aidsfonds has played a pioneering role in focusing the AIDS response on those population groups who are affected the most by the epidemic due to stigma and discrimination.