Menstruation Shouts

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This project aimed to collect information about the menstrual health experiences and challenges faced by menstruating healthcare workers working on the frontline of the COVID-19 response, as well as adolescent girls affected by the stay-at-home measures implemented due to the COVID-19 response in Egypt and Kenya.

The semi-structured interviews and digital storytelling videos provided participants with an opportunity to reflect on their menstruation experiences in the workplace. This environment allowed for the sharing and exploration of misconceptions freely. As part of this project, the following video series was created:

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  • Covid-19 Grants

  • 2020

  • Egypt

  • Kenya

  • COVID-19

  • Menstrual health and hygiene

  • SRHR services

  • Share-Net International

  • Arabic

  • English

  • Fact Sheet

  • Research

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COVID-19 massively reshaped the functionality of healthcare systems around the globe. Female healthcare workers are among the most affected groups because of the absence of fair policies that preserve their reproductive rights and their safe practices around their menstruation. In this blog,  Hadir Barbar, the project lead of the Menstruation Shouts Project, reflects on their own learning experience and presents a glimpse of real menstrual health challenges faced on a daily basis by menstruating healthcare workers during the pandemic


Visual fact sheet of a qualitative study in Egypt and Kenya on menstrual health challenges among adolescent girls during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Narrative fact sheet on the impacts of COVID-19 on menstrual health management among adolescent girls in Egypt and Kenya.

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