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To tackle the gendered stigma around periods and puberty, Wreetu created a video series and a booklet about how a father should talk to a teenage or pre-teen daughter about puberty and periods. This product is the first of its kind in Bangla languages.

The nine-part video series, available on the Share-Net International YouTube channel, demonstrates how a dad could discuss periods and puberty with his pre-pubescent and adolescent daughter. It covers the following topics (click each title for separate parts):

All episodes have also been compilated into one video:

The second knowledge product is a Booklet for dads. This booklet first sensitizes the dads that talking about sexual reproduction health with daughters is normal not taboo, and that it is not only a female issue. It also discusses the importance of making sure girls have accurate information and learn about SRH and how to avoid pitfalls. It also includes suggestions and practical examples so that the dads can directly use these. These knowledge products give dads with adolescent daughters, new dads and/or would-be-dads a chance to observe how their every action or attitude, empowers their daughters and how unbiased and open conversations can support their daughters to grow up as confident adults.

With the help of these knowledge products, Wreetu hopes to reduce the gender gap in puberty and period talk, inspire the male members of the family to think of these issues as normal topics to talk and empower the girls to ask for relevant knowledge and products when they need it making them confident and aware of their worth.

Knowledge product details

  • Knowledge Activation Grants

  • 2021

  • Bangladesh

  • Menstrual health and hygiene

  • Parents

  • Puberty

  • Share-Net Bangladesh

  • Bangla

  • English

  • Booklet

  • Video Series

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Adolescent Girls’ Puberty & Period A Friendly Guideline for Dads (English version).

Adolescent Girls’ Puberty & Period A Friendly Guideline for Dads (Bangla version).

KP creators involved


Wreetu Health and Well-being Foundation is a social enterprise and not-for-profit organization that offers comprehensive menstrual education to girls, women, and the community through interactive discussions and Wreetu comic books; manufactures reusable, healthy, eco-friendly, and cost-effective sanitary napkins and provides MHM consultations to organizations.