Bridging the Gap Between Mental Health and SRHR

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This study has provided evidence on the importance of SRHR and mental health, supporting policy advocacy to include mental health as a crucial component of SRHR. This gap analysis study is highly significant and can serve as valuable evidence to advocate for a strong linkage between SRHR and mental health, emphasizing the need to address it seriously within public policy.

This research was conducted during an extremely challenging time when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak—a period when people’s SRHR was in a vulnerable state, and their mental health was severely affected. The existing link between SRHR and mental health was evident but not reflected in policy or research. This research period was crucial, capturing urgent information to establish this connection.

The following video provides important insights about the study, encouraging relevant stakeholders to read the full research study.

Trigger warnings: discussion of mental health, sexual abuse, childhood marriage, physical abuse

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  • Small Grants

  • 2020

  • Bangladesh

  • Mental health

  • Social Stigma

  • Share-Net Bangladesh

  • Arabic

  • English

  • Gap Analysis Report

  • Video

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This gap analysis generated knowledge and evidence that SRHR and mental health are closely connected. It demonstrates that achieving a healthy mental state is possible only when one’s sexual and reproductive health and rights are properly addressed. The study findings, based on interviews, secondary data/policy analysis, and recommendations, create a pathway to integrate mental health into SRHR interventions.


KP creators involved

Architects of Change

Architects of Change is a dynamic organization aiming to take people and organizations through a philosophical journey.  Their aim is to be the catalyst in putting mental health and gender equality as a priority for organizations and individuals in Bangladesh. They envision a world where people and organizations talk openly about mental health and gender equality to uphold its importance.

Red Orange

RedOrange is an international communication consultancy creating impact with strategic messaging and stakeholder involvement, strong project design and expert planning and implementation. Our consultancy is focused on understanding the objectives of our clients and designing the strategy to achieve and exceed them

RedOrange brings together all areas of communication expertise to design the best strategy. We have the strategic, the creative, and the implementation skills all under one roof. We understand media buying , we produce TVC’s and engage talk shows in our projects. We are also experts at social and behavior change and community engagement, we have in-house expertise of visibility and branding, our ICT department develops software and ICT solutions. RedOrange excels at media engagement, edutainment, awareness campaigns and advocacy, and we have ample experience with knowledge management