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What is a Knowledge Product?

Knowledge Products (KPs) are usable resources created through research and various modes of inquiry. KPs generate actionable knowledge (or knowledge for action) crafted for singular or multiple purposes and are often created in response to the needs of the people or communities interacting with them. KPs can be publications, documents, infographics, policy reports, guidelines, podcasts, videos, and any other materials or forms of information.

Scroll through this library to find KPs published by Share-Net International members since 2014, through to our most recent grant cycle. From policy briefs and research reports to card games, comics and more, you will find a wide array of free-to-download SRHR resources on this page!


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DECODING SRHR: A Digital Toolkit for Better Understanding of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights in Bangladesh

  • Small Grants


  • Bangladesh

Digital toolkit on ‘Understanding SRHR’ for policymakers, program implementers, and practitioners in Bangladesh working for SRHR.

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Developing a case-based model: mobilising corporate companies’ resources to ensure sustainability of youth-focused SRHR programs

  • Small Grants


  • India

The aim of this project was to invigorate the youth sector by strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations working with youth in the field of SRHR in India through developing an effective and sustainable case-based model of mobilising local corporate resources.

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Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice: a Participatory Process to Translate Research into Action

  • Small Grants


  • Netherlands

This project worked to tailor the findings to the needs of each target audience (alliance partners, country partners, policymakers), to be able to effectively promote changes in policies and practice. The outcomes of the additional analysis of the country case studies will help us to translate the research into action plans and into products to be used by each of the target audiences, for improved collaboration and for evidence-based advocacy.

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Front & Centre

  • Covid-19 Grants


  • Cameroon

  • Nigeria

This knowledge product (toolkit) is dedicated to elevating the management and enhancement of quality sexual and reproductive health and rights services within fragile and humanitarian settings, both amidst the challenges of COVID-19 and in preparation for future epidemics.

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Guideline on Innovative Methodologies for Involving Young People From Diverse Backgrounds on SRHR Research and Advocacy

  • Co-Creation Conference Grants


  • Indonesia

  • Kenya

  • Nigeria

This guideline contributes to creating a new direction for a research agenda on sexual and reproductive health care for culturally diverse young people. Created using human-centered design, this guideline aims to motivate and guide research institutes, government agencies, inter-governmental agencies, NGOs, and other critical stakeholders on how best to utilize innovative methodologies to involve young people with diverse backgrounds in SRHR research. The focus countries and sample of young people included in this toolkit are Kenya, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

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