"Translating SRHR”: an English – Bangla Dictionary Application

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RedOrange Media and Communications developed an innovative and user-friendly tool: “Translating SRHR”: an English – Bengali Dictionary Application. This app is developed for policymakers, SRHR practitioners, service providers, field facilitators and Share-Net Bangladesh members who are working on SRHR issues in Bangladesh. The main aim is to provide a better understanding and interpretation of Bangla terminologies on SRHR in the context of developments in Bangladesh. Informed by the Share-Net Bangladesh members and members from Dhaka University and Bangla Academy on existing understanding, interpretation and agenda-setting practices amongst the leading stakeholders in SRHR, the intended outputs were used translating the terminologies and developing the dictionary app; to contribute to providing a standard and common understanding of SRHR.

The application is available for download in the Google Play Store: Click here 

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  • Small Grants

  • 2017

  • Bangladesh

  • SRHR terminology

  • Share-Net Bangladesh

  • Bangla

  • English

  • App

  • Narrative Report

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Narrative report of the creation of the “Translating SRHR”: an English – Bengali Dictionary Application.


KP creators involved

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