Peer Education 101: For Us by Us

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By building on previous research and collective qualitative insights, PPRC has produced “Peer Education 101: For Us, by Us,” a digital open-access peer educator training module aimed at promoting the practice of Peer Education models in SRHR and CSE programs in Bangladesh. This module will serve as a key tool in promoting the practice of peer education in Bangladesh, strengthening emerging youth-led initiatives, and creating scope for more effective rights-based SRHR education delivery.

Kotha and PPRC jointly hosted a launching event on March 11th, 2021, titled ‘Peer Education 101: For Us by Us | Strengthening the CSE Ecosystem’. The launching event was designed as a dialogue on Peer Education and CSE in Bangladesh. They were joined by over 50 participants, including relevant stakeholders ranging from youth organizations, students from schools in our network, NGOs and INGOs working in SRHR in Bangladesh, including Share-net Bangladesh, as well as three high-level policymakers. Below is a video of the event:

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  • Small Grants

  • 2020

  • Bangladesh

  • Sexuality education

  • Youth empowerment

  • Youth SRHR

  • Share-Net Bangladesh

  • English

  • Research

  • Training Guide

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Peer Education 101: For Us by Us is an open-access peer education training module. In 11 sections, this knowledge product covers definitions of peer education, planning peer education programs, foundational knowledge for educators, and the skills/training peer educators need. Additionally, it discusses logistics and challenges, best practices, documentation, evaluation, and feedback. It also zooms in on the Bangladeshi context and includes reflections on peer education in this context.


KP creators involved

Power and Participation Research Centre (PPRC)

PPRC uses a holistic approach to research, utilizing economic, anthropological, political economy, business and sociological insights. With networks in grassroots as well as policy circles, they are able to capture changing realities and evolving aspirations. This, incorporated with cutting-edge research methods, compelling analytical presentation and strategic policy advocacy, helps distinguish their work.

PPRC plays a key role at every stage of a project. For the research conducted by the institute, they conceptualize and develop the research design, followed by the implementation of the research with a combination of primary and secondary data analysis. The primary and secondary data are processed and analyzed to produce analytical reports, policy briefs and academic publications.

Kotha Bangladesh

Kotha is an organization that is fighting the culture of gender-based violence at its core. They work across multiple dimensions including adolescent rights, sexuality education, research and knowledge creation, and capacity building. Kotha works with policymakers, development practitioners, international and national NGOs along with schools.