Basic Life Skills for Psycho-social Wellbeing of Transgender Youths in Bangladesh

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This project has two components; capacity building through training and research. The training component aimd to enable the young transgender people to build their confidence and self-acceptance to enable them to lead a life where they can make informed decisions. The research component aims to explore the perception of transgender youths on their freedom and right about their sexual and reproductive aspects. The output of this project will include greater respect for their sexuality and better knowledge of their rights. It will also include a knowledge generation report about how young transgender people perceive their identity, rights, and social acceptance which will be disseminated among the Share-Net members and stakeholders to use this evidence for more transgender responsive activities.

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  • Small Grants

  • 2015

  • Bangladesh

  • Advocacy


  • Share-Net Bangladesh

  • English

  • Project Presentation

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Powerpoint presentation: Basic Life Skills for Psycho-Social Wellbeing of Transgender Youths in Bangladesh

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